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Leadership Initiative For Executives

The program

What participants will get

The main objective of the program will be to equip WIND’s top managers with the state-ofthe-art knowledge and tools to drive results at the highest levels of management. Participants will gain the skills and personal confidence required to succeed in today’s swiftly changing global business environment.

In particular, the program is designed to:

  • Support participants in acquiring the appropriate mindset and attitude to manage the increasingly complex business environment;
  • Boost participants’ confidence, competences, networking skills, and knowledge base to craft effective strategies;
  • Help participants in developing different strategic options to reinvent WIND growth in the next years;
  • Develop into participants an “entrepreneurial spirit” to drive and lead innovation inside the organization.

Learning methodologies

Academic partners offer a mix of traditional methods, ranging from case studies, simulations, social learning and knowledge sharing. Guest speakers’ interventions and live cases study will enrich the overall learning, combined to round tables, project-work activities and discussions on real life problems.
The content of each module is tailored in order to satisfy WIND’s needs.

The Workshop

The Programme is divided into 3 Workshops that will take place in Italy, at LUISS Headquarter in Rome

Workshop 1: Roma, June 15 th – 17 th

Macro Content

  • Self Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Getting things done

Workshop 2: Roma, July 22 th – 24 th

Macro Content

  • Macro dynamics and monetary policy
  • What’s next
  • Innovation & Creativity

Workshop 3: Roma, September 16 th -18 th

Macro Content

  • Strategic decisions and value creation
  • Disruptive Marketing Innovation as a mix of Technology, Customer and Brand Management

……an on-line platform that allows participants to share and work remotely throughout the IEPPM Programme. Blackboard is useful for sharing all communications between participants, in addition to all Teaching Modules’ downloadable materials, see all appointments and glance at Speakers’ and Mentors’ experience.

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